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Post-tensioned & Pre-formed concrete repairs are managed by Gene Simpson, out of the Palo Alto CA office.  Gene combines an engineering background with decades of concrete construction experience and holds a Masters Certificate in Concrete Repair.

Why Choose Us ...

... to Rehabilitate Your Buildings?

  We Do It Right
We are Waterproofing Repair Experts.  We will simply do the job right, the first time, and every time.
(We can actually count our mistakes on our fingers.)
  45 Years of Skill
We Have Specialized in Waterproofing Since 1956!  We already have acquired the skills that decades of experience give to a contractor.  We are always ready to learn new techniques and study new materials, but we won’t be learning on your project.
  Jobs with Small Discomfort
We have the skill to perform multimillion-dollar rehabilitation of both widespread and high-rise projects without drastically lowering the quality of the residents’ life during rehabilitation.  When a necessary repair project has to be done to occupied buildings, we know how to lessen the intrusive effect of construction work into the quiet enjoyment of people’s lives.

Whether it's as simple as installing double mufflers to quiet our construction equipment or as unusual as sending our workers to sensitivity training seminars (Yes, we do that!) .... ... ... we take good care of your clients.

  Careful Preparation
Planning and care are fully developed in our SimpCo Preparation Program.  Utilizing our Internet and administrative skills, we coordinate supplies, vendors, equipment, human resources etc. months in advance for our projects to avoid most difficulties common to intensive specialized repairs.
  Factory Trained Workers
All supervisors, foremen, forewomen, finishers, waterproofers and specialized chemical applicators are factory trained by the high-quality products that we recommend and install.  Waterproofing product manufacturers even hold training seminars just for SimpCo employees!
  Pro-Active Involvement
We initiate contact with interested parties before they contact you, or us, in most cases.  We will call in government representatives, Fish & Game inspectors, BLM representatives etc. to discover in advance whether a project impacts in their jurisdiction and we work out any difficulties before the project is even started.

Whether it's working with the US Army Corps of Engineers to prepare a pumping station cofferdam on Lake Okeechobee in Florida, involving local governments in preservation of historic buildings in Pennsylvania, or meeting with the Bay Area Water Management District to safeguard the environment while resurfacing waterfront buildings in San Francisco, we have learned long ago that pro-active involvement with jurisdictional authorities eliminates many unpleasant surprises.

  SimpCo is a Family Owned Business
Sure, we have grown in 45 years, but we have not lost the individual touch in our jobs.  Every project has a Simpson family member involved in it somewhere.  Third generation descendants of Leonard J. Simpson Sr., the founder, are now working on projects.  Our clients can always talk to one of the Simpson family members.
  Installers of the Best Quality Products
Alcoa®   Thorolastic®   Pacific Polymers®   Excellent Coatings®

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