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Post-tensioned & Pre-formed concrete repairs are managed by Gene Simpson, out of the Palo Alto CA office.  Gene combines an engineering background with decades of concrete construction experience and holds a Masters Certificate in Concrete Repair.


  Now every project receives an
Environmental Protection Voucher
Management Companies, HOA's, Holding Companies etc, in addition to Government Contracts, all receive the Legal Protection of a paper trail of the disposal route of all harmful waste removed from the jobsite, including previous coatings, removed paint etc.


Our facility on Division Street in Kingston, PA, which has been utilized to provide logistical support to Projects needing urgent temporary replacement of key jobsite personnel such as Job Superintendents, Specialized Equipment Operators, Master Electricians, High-rise "Monkeys" etc will be relocated shortly close to Pittsburgh Airport.  This will facilitate the transportation of strategic support personnel anywhere needed and help eliminate downtime caused by the common shortage of expert workers in the geographic areas that traditionally hire SimpCo.


Our Chief Administrative Office in Palo Alto, CA, has relocated to 2439 Birch Avenue, Palo Alto CA 94306. Most SimpCo Executive Staff members can be teleconferenced through this office to speak with them directly at any location. For faster service, send an Email to Executive Staff members before phoning them. Many questions receive faster service by Email.

  The Fort Lauderdale offic eThe Fort Lauderdale, Florida, office will be temporarily closed as we relocate our Florida offices to Pompano Beach, Florida. The Florida offices are planned to re-open in the spring of 2016.




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